Wag Time Doggie Day Care

Bring your best pal in for a tail-waggin good time!

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Wag Time
Doggie Day Care Center
2110 N. Collins
Arlington, Tx 76011
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(817) 276-1414

Extended Hours
By appointment
Fees may apply

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Doggie day care provides a safe, stimulating option for dogs whose owners who are away during the day, traveling, or for dogs who need extra activity and social interaction. Wag Time provides a safe place for pets to be cared for in a setting that allows them the freedom to interact with other pets and people, and to become familiar with new environments. In addition to providing exercise and socialization, it can curb destructive behaviors and help alleviate separation anxiety. Unlike dog parks, and pet-sitting in the home, doggie day care ensures a consistent, fully supervised way to train and socialize pets so they are better behaved and easier to handle.

During the day, we assertively and consistently let pets know their boundaries and limitations, so that we establish ourselves as pack leaders and they can be free to play with each other in a non-aggressive manner. To that end, we exercise basic obedience commands throughout the day, focus on constructive dog behavior and reward good behavior with lots of pats and praise.

We have 7 play rooms and dogs are broken into play groups according to size, age, play style and temperament. Play groups are dynamic and change not only daily, but minute by minute depending on who is here, who comes in and what's going on around them. Please be assured that while we will make every effort to accommodate your group preference, safety is our top priority. If we determine a different play group or room would work better for your pet's needs, we will move him/her at that time.

Day care hours of operation are Monday-Friday 7:00am-6:00pm. Please review our requirements or contact us to determine if day care would be a good option for your pet(s).


One dog
Full Day $22
Half Day (5 hours or less)$14
5 Prepaid Full Day Visits$100
10 Prepaid Full Day Visits$195
Unlimited Monthly Pass$275
2+ dogs
Full Day $18/each
Half Day (5 hours or less)$14/each
5 Prepaid Full Day Visits$81/each
10 Prepaid Full Day Visits$154/each
Unlimited Monthly Pass$199.50/each
Pricing for your unique situation available upon request